Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2360 The Ronin Katana by Paul Chen/Hanwei Katana 28.5" Blade, Rayskin with Black Cord Wrapped Handle
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2114 Zatoichi Stick/Sword, Folded Blade 39"<>Blade Length: 28" Carbon ASSAB K120c Steel w/Etched Temper Line Blade  housed in a Rosewood scabbard
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2415 Designed by James Williams/Hanwei The Raptor Katana, Unokubi Zukuri 28 1/2" 5160 High-Carbon Steel Scabbards (Saya) Wood, Non-Fingerprinting Textured Lacquer Finish
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2118 Practical Plus Wakizashi Overall: 27 1/4"<>Blade Length: 20" 1566 High carbon forged steel blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2448 Bamboo Mat Wakizashi Overall: 25 5/8"<>Blade Length 18 3/4" HWS-2S Stee Blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2449 The Lion Dog Wakizashi Overall: 27 3/8"<>Blade Length 20 1/2" Forged 65Mn Steel Blade HWS-1S steel
Regular price: $1,160.00
Sale price: $825.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2465 Koi Katana Overall: 44-3/4"<>Blade Length: 28-1/2" Forged high-carbon T10 steel Blade
Regular price: $1,299.00
Sale price: $895.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH24970 Oda Nobunaga Katana Overall: 39 5/8" 27" Forged T10 Steel Blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2471 Hunter Katana Overall 41-1/4"<>27-5/8" L6/Bainite Steel Blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH1001 The Shinto Katana Forged High-Carbon Steel Blade Overall: 39.50"<>Blade Length: 27" T10 forged high-carbon T10 steel blade
Regular price: $990.00
Sale price: $700.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2430 Kouga Ninja-To Sword Overall: 33 1/2"<>22" Forged high-carbon 1566 steel blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2008c Practical Tai-Chi Sword Overall: 38 1/2"<>32" Fully Tempered High-Carbon 1566 Steel Blade Scabbard Included
Regular price: $180.00
Sale price: $175.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2062 Wushu Flexible Long Sword Practical Tai Chi Series Overall: 36.5"<>Blade Length: 30" Forged in High-Carbon 1566 Steel Blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2072 Chinese Pudao Infantry Weapon Overall: 69 3/4"<>Blade Length: 26" Forged in High-Carbon Tempered Steel Blade
Regular price: $329.00
Sale price: $170.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2486 Mokko Renshu Katana This Mokko Renshu Katana features a through hardened 28-1/8" 5160 steel blade in the Shinogi Zukuri style with no groove (hi)