SZCO Supplies Inc. DM-1088 7" White Bone & Micarta Handle Damascus Hunting Knife

SZCO Supplies Inc. DM-1088 7" White Bone & Micarta Handle Damascus Hunting Knife
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""SZCO Supplies, Inc. DM-1088""
7" White Bone & Micartan Handle Damascus Hunting Knife"
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""SZCO Supplies, Inc. DM-1088""
7" White Bone & Micartan Handle Damascus Hunting Knife
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The Knife Pictured is a STOCK PHOTO! But all the other Knives in this collection are very similar

SZCO Supplies, Inc. DM-1088 7" Damascus Drop Point Hunting Knife! This Damascus Hunting Knife with a fixed blade and bone handle will serve you well during your hunting excursions. The whole knife measures 7 inches, and the Damascus steel blade is 3.5 inches. The sharp drop point of the blade with its gentle curve provides excellent control when you’re removing a hide. Apply as much of the edge as you need while working around the bodily contours of the animal. This medium-sized blade is appropriate for animals of various sizes. It's strong enough to work on a deer hide while remaining precise and delicate enough for small animal hides. This knife is a full-tang fixed blade style because the metal of the blade extends all the way through handle. You won’t have to fumble with cold hands to unfold it. Simply draw the knife from the sheath and begin skinning. The Damascus style of the Skinner blade adds beauty on top of utility. The wavy pattern of the steel presents the modern version of the classic Damascus steel, famous since ancient times. The pattern is created during forging when layers of iron and steel are welded and folded. The process forms sandwiches from the billets of the two metals. Repeated heating, folding, and forging produce the stunning pattern on this Damascus hunting knife. The blend of two metals creates a balance of ductility and flexibility. Ductility refers to the ability to compress and absorb energy, which supports the strength of the blade. The flexible element prevents breaking or shattering. It also helps to maintain the sharpness of the edge. The handle of the Damascus knife is made from bone with Micarta trim. Both of these materials create a classic appearance that many hunters love. Bone has been a favored knife material since prehistoric times. As a natural material collected from the shinbones of cattle, it is durable and feels good against the palm. The buffalo accent trim makes a dark border between the blade and handle. Brass bolts secure the handle to the metal. Horn is a solid hair-like growth from the animal, and it’s also durable. The curving edge of the buffalo horn trim forms a hand guard. Your finger will rest against it instead of sliding forward into the blade. There is also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle. You can put a string or leather cord through it to create a wrist loop. By adding a wrist loop, you can let go of the knife. This is very helpful when you need to move skin or tissues inside a carcass. Once you’ve moved tissue out of the way, the knife is right there by your hand. You won’t need to keep setting it down and picking it up. The leather sheath that comes with the Damascus knife can be worn on the belt of a hunter. Simply slip a belt through the loop on the back of the sheath. The leather will keep the blade safely covered when not in use and also protects it from the elements. Product Identifiers Product Key Features

Model DM-1088 Country/Region of Manufacture Pakistan

""SZCO Supplies, Inc. DM-1088""
7" White Bone & Micartan Handle Damascus Hunting Knife

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