Paul Chen/Hanwei KH2523 The Rock Creek Knives Lockback Mother of Pearl/Abalone W/Slip Pouch Knife
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Sale price: $240.00
Paul Chen Cas Hanwei SH1032 Fencing Rapier, 41 Overall Length 33-7/8 Musketeer Blade by Paul Chen/Hanwei
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2005 Han Sword Overall 37 1/4"  Hand-forged 28 1/4" Damascus Blade  Rosewood Grip & Scabbard Inlaid w/Silver
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2008c Practical Tai-Chi Sword Overall: 38 1/2"<>32" Fully Tempered High-Carbon 1566 Steel Blade Scabbard Included
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2332 Tea Culture Wakizashi Overall 28 3/4 Blade Length 18 1/2 Handle Length 6 1/2 Weight 2lb Forged High-Carbon Blade Battle Wrap Ito
Regular price: $689.00
Sale price: $480.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2386 Beile Dao "Iron-Capped Princes" Overall: 36 Folded High-Carbon Blade 29 Rayskin Covered Scabbard
Paul Chen/Hanwei SC4044 Citadel Imperial Tanto is Completely Hand-Made! Limited Edition of 40 Length Overall: 17" w/10" DNH7 Forged High-Carbon Steel Blade. The Saya is Lacquered in a Golden Metal-Fleck and is Painstakingly Hand Carved
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH6007KFT Tori Tanto Overall: 17 1/4<>11-1/4 " Folded K120C Powder Steel Blade Scabbard Included
Regular price: $700.00
Sale price: $570.00
The Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2466 Koi Wakizashi Overall: 27 7/8"<>Blade Length: 19 5/8" Forged High-Carbon T10 Steel Blade
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Sale price: $645.00
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2254 Home Practical Tanto Practical Tanto Overall 12 Blade Length 7 Handle Length 4 Weight 6 oz Blade Steel: 1566 High carbon forged blade
Paul Chen/Hanwei SH2444 Yasukuni Captain's Gunto Overall 37 3/8" Blade Length 26-3/8" Handle Length 9-1/4" Weight 2lb 10oz Blade Steel: 1095 Hand Forged Blade Hand Woven Silk Sageo Authentic Detailing